The Truth About Branding




Matching Your Image And Message

There are many who are investing thousands of dollars into this term”Branding”. People are trying to “Brand” themselves, ministries, families, etc. However, “Branding” is ludacris if you don’t understand or know the definition of “Marketing.” Social Media has made everyone stars…. We must give everyone cudos for their efforts. Don’t be fooled by branding if you fail at marketing. Inclusive of the same thought, don’t be celebrated for your “Brand” and flunk at leaving a “Legacy.” Rule of thumb, marketing 101… Word of Mouth still remains the “top most essential element” as fuel for being noticed, recognized, and promoted. Insure, your image match your message. What is important, is not where you go and how often you go, but it is what ‘people’ say when you LEAVE. An image can always be created but content is something that you must invest yourself in…..

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