Happy New Year!



Last day of the year… Point 1 Last Day: If you have made it this far.

Know that you cannot be affective walking in another man’s calling.

Identify your area of influence, strength and charisma. On tomorrow choose to be yourself and not the person that someone has created you to be. David had to use what he had proven within himself in order to be confident about going after the giant. You must refined yourself and be confident. Confidence can not be fostered by outward expressions. Just because a dog barks loud does not mean that he has a mean bite. In 2014 choose to find the inner you and build upon that person. This is the last day to forget about the things that have not worked, didn’t work nor happened in this year. You cannot cry over things that you did not accomplish. Your age has nothing to do with your destiny. Become like Paul today… “forgetting those things which are behind…” 2013 is complete now make yourself ready to make some propelling decisions in 2014

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