Inferiority Complex


Man Tip: There is no need to feel inferior towards a strong woman. Supressing her strength to boost your ego is detrimental.

Supression turns into oppression. When a woman feels oppressed, she will hide her true feelings from you. Some women are intraverted meaning, they will become hermits and live a life of shadowing in your name. Others will find external outlets to free themselves from the terror they experience daily. The moral is- become concerned for the woman who is silent. Women express their love to the one who loves them. If she has stopped talking then beware. Silence is not an attribute of submission but it is moreso a sign of TROUBLE. Every strong woman wants a Man that enjoys listening to them. Divided attention will always imply that you are not listening. Undivided attention will always graduate your hearing to listening. A woman is built to empower men who are strong enough to LISTEN!

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