Keep it Real…


Relationship Tip: Love is wonderful but love is not always happy. Spending days trying to make your relationship picture perfect could lead to a phony relationship. The real picture can’t be photographed.

The Truth About Branding




Matching Your Image And Message

There are many who are investing thousands of dollars into this term”Branding”. People are trying to “Brand” themselves, ministries, families, etc. However, “Branding” is ludacris if you don’t understand or know the definition of “Marketing.” Social Media has made everyone stars…. We must give everyone cudos for their efforts. Don’t be fooled by branding if you fail at marketing. Inclusive of the same thought, don’t be celebrated for your “Brand” and flunk at leaving a “Legacy.” Rule of thumb, marketing 101… Word of Mouth still remains the “top most essential element” as fuel for being noticed, recognized, and promoted. Insure, your image match your message. What is important, is not where you go and how often you go, but it is what ‘people’ say when you LEAVE. An image can always be created but content is something that you must invest yourself in…..

Corridors of Progress




Life Tip:

Has anyone told you: abandonment, rejection, restructuring are repetitive is the corridors of your process. You will experience this many times before becoming… accept the elements of the process and keep on moving.

Blended Families


brady bunch


Relationship Tip: Blended families take time and work. Spend time building trust in each other. Just because a person is not their biological parent does not mean that they cannot help instill values, morals, ethics, and responsibility. Trust builds as you become co-dependent on each other. FEAR will always destroy trust.



Watch your connections: If your connection(s) are afraid, disgusted, and humiliated by your greatest weakness then you need a stronger connection. Find someone that speak volume to your destiny and you will be focused on being stronger and not popular. #dropsmic Pastor Roe

Happy New Year!



Last day of the year… Point 1 Last Day: If you have made it this far.

Know that you cannot be affective walking in another man’s calling.

Identify your area of influence, strength and charisma. On tomorrow choose to be yourself and not the person that someone has created you to be. David had to use what he had proven within himself in order to be confident about going after the giant. You must refined yourself and be confident. Confidence can not be fostered by outward expressions. Just because a dog barks loud does not mean that he has a mean bite. In 2014 choose to find the inner you and build upon that person. This is the last day to forget about the things that have not worked, didn’t work nor happened in this year. You cannot cry over things that you did not accomplish. Your age has nothing to do with your destiny. Become like Paul today… “forgetting those things which are behind…” 2013 is complete now make yourself ready to make some propelling decisions in 2014