Happy New Year!



Last day of the year… Point 1 Last Day: If you have made it this far.

Know that you cannot be affective walking in another man’s calling.

Identify your area of influence, strength and charisma. On tomorrow choose to be yourself and not the person that someone has created you to be. David had to use what he had proven within himself in order to be confident about going after the giant. You must refined yourself and be confident. Confidence can not be fostered by outward expressions. Just because a dog barks loud does not mean that he has a mean bite. In 2014 choose to find the inner you and build upon that person. This is the last day to forget about the things that have not worked, didn’t work nor happened in this year. You cannot cry over things that you did not accomplish. Your age has nothing to do with your destiny. Become like Paul today… “forgetting those things which are behind…” 2013 is complete now make yourself ready to make some propelling decisions in 2014

Alert! Alert!




ALERT ALERT ALERT: Don’t misinterpret focus for attitude. Everyone that you may have deemed rude could only be focused. Focused people will always be driven and consumed by the goals that they have set.

Inferiority Complex


Man Tip: There is no need to feel inferior towards a strong woman. Supressing her strength to boost your ego is detrimental.

Supression turns into oppression. When a woman feels oppressed, she will hide her true feelings from you. Some women are intraverted meaning, they will become hermits and live a life of shadowing in your name. Others will find external outlets to free themselves from the terror they experience daily. The moral is- become concerned for the woman who is silent. Women express their love to the one who loves them. If she has stopped talking then beware. Silence is not an attribute of submission but it is moreso a sign of TROUBLE. Every strong woman wants a Man that enjoys listening to them. Divided attention will always imply that you are not listening. Undivided attention will always graduate your hearing to listening. A woman is built to empower men who are strong enough to LISTEN!

No competition!

Marriage Tip: Marriage is not competition. Loving your spouse should not be a friendly game of completion. Don’t tear the one down who has the ability to build you up.

From the Book, “Love: A Man’s Idea, A Woman’s Way:”

Man Tip: A woman’s security is in knowing that you love them for who they are and not how they make you look. Many women desire to compliment their man however it becomes sorrowful for them to lose their identity, drive, passion and focus developing your dream. Therefore, put just as much energy and interest in developing her dream as she does yours. A woman is stronger when she is supported for being who she is; here strongest supporter should be you! Being Involved, Interested, and Concerned can make a Happy Home! Eroe

Relationships are tedious in their own right. Getting to know a person as well as learn them through the challenges of life can present its own challenge. Even though the challenge to love can become overbearing, people still manage to graph an idea of love. However, we can find ourselves planning for love and its beauty without ever planning for its failure and rejection.

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Woman’s Tip #1

Woman Tip: A woman who is clueless of who she is, where she is headed and what she possess both spiritually and naturally positions herself to be taken advantage of…. Know who you are, whose you are, and what you possess.

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