About Roosevelt’s Work…

Whether you need to hear guidance on living in your ‘singleness’ well, or understanding of  the place in your life, the season you’re in…Roosevelt Ethridge can help. Consider this ‘word of wisdom:’

Being married and living single is far more troublesome than being single and desiring to be married. Pray for marriages.

…or this quip regarding patience, endurance and success:

The Tortoise and the Hare! Just because you are faster, having more resources, charisma and capital does not mean you shall when… Burnout will have you looking like the hare, unable to finish the race because you choose to sleep while under estimating my speed. Success is never about speed but its about durability. Pace never matters as long as quitting is not the option..

Engaging Roosevelt as your next speaker, reading his book on Love and Couples, or regularly visiting the site for encouragement and inspiration can help you move to “another level” in your life and relationships!


  1. Roosevelt Ethridge is indeed “that guy”! I have always told him that. I am blessed to know him and call him friend. He is indeed anointed, gifted and knowledgeable of all he speaks about! Support this guy! He is my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roosevelt Ethridge is a true MOG (Man of God). I have called and heard him on his Global Prayer Line and truly have been blessed by each and every word. I just order this book and I am excited about receiving it very soon! Another great book from a man after GOD’s own heart added to my collection!

  3. Shonquetta Hammonds

    After many positive encounters with Roosevelt “Pastor Roe”, I am truly convinced that he is truly a God given vessel sent down from Heaven to earth. God has really shone His light through this wonderful man I call friend. Thanks for everything. Be Blessed Pastor Roe!

  4. Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Preacher, Brother & My Friend! A True Kingdom Model Indeed, Sold Out To The Lord Jesus Christ Wholeheartedly!! He Is A Man Of Word & Prayer, Dedicated & Set Aside To Serve Humanity In Anyway That God Leads Him. Excited About Your Expansion For The Kingdom Of God!! Love Ya

  5. Pastor Roosevelt Ethridge is a praying man. I have been fortunate enough from time to time to catch the prayer line he hosts nightly at 11pm and have been blessed by the powerful words of prayer going forth from him. We know the hardest thing for us to do sometimes is pray and pray consistently, but Pastor Roosevelt consistently yields to the power of prayer and that is a blessing in itself.

  6. Awesome Pastor Roe! I wish you all the best with all your endeavours. Continue in your calling and spreading God’s word. Peace & Blessings

  7. Pastor Roe, Your site is top notch! God’s mantle on you breeds the unmatchable wisdom, knowledge and understanding to a much needed topic for women and men alike. Thank you studying to show yourself approved!

  8. I asked a question about separation. You helped me to see that it can help and may be needed depending on the relationship. Thank you M.O.G!!

  9. I applaud Pastor Roe for answering God’s call and walking powerfully in a ministry to help strengthen and heal others. You are indeed a light shining brightly in a world of darkness and I, too, am proud to call you friend! Congratulations on what I know is the first of many books to come!

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